Grow Room Polyaspartic Flooring

Grow Room Floor Coating Systems

LATICRETE is proud to offer high performance, fast curing SPARTACOTE™ floor coating systems specifically designed for marijuana cultivation facilities and marijuana distribution centers. Our eco-friendly SPARTACOTE™ FLEX PURE CLINICAL PLUS™ specialized coating and 100% solid epoxy floor coating emit no harsh solvents and are very low VOC. The odor-free properties of these advanced floor coating materials for prepared concrete make them ideal for use within new grow room construction and existing operating facility upgrades. Additionally, the Clinical Plus coating system offers silver ion antimicrobial technology that mitigates microbial growth, protecting the surface from degradation, discoloration, and odors.

Grow Room Flooring Design

As is the case with other medical production facilities and demanding spaces, cleanliness is paramount. These specialized coating systems may be used over existing concrete. Once applied, SPARTACOTE coatings offer a waterproof and impermeable surface that will prevent water contamination and dramatically reduce maintenance. Establishing a clean and sanitary environment through the use of a floor coating system will help to ensure the prevention of bugs, pests and mold. These specialized coating systems offer safe, nonslip, and impermeable performance throughout the grow room flooring area.

Ambient temperature and lighting control represent one of the largest considerations for grow room managers. Resinous flooring provides enhanced reflectivity and in some cases improved insulation. Often used within grow rooms, radiant floor heating offers an efficient solution for temperature control. Specialized SPARTACOTE coatings may be used in conjunction with radiant floor heating such as STRATA_HEAT™.

SPARTACOTE Coating Process for Grow Room Flooring

Site Evaluation: The grow room facility is evaluated to determine the total area square footage, existing substrate and environmental conditions.

  • Coating System Selection: Once the site evaluation is complete, a SPARTACOTE installer will work with the facility owner or manager to make a recommendation for the appropriate application based on the site evaluation, project goals and floor coating project budget.
  • Surface Preparation: All grow room concrete surfaces will be mechanically profiled to ensure maximum adhesion and long-lasting durability. Installers may also test for moisture and other contaminants and if necessary treat them to ensure floor coating integrity. Any holes, cracks or other repair issues are also addressed. SPARTACOTE installers may use Fast Fix™ Concrete Repair to quickly complete patches and repairs to the substrate – large or small.
  • Application: Following surface preparation, the installer will complete the actual installation of the resinous floor coating over the prepared floor. In general, the installation should take no longer than a day, depending on the material used and floor availability. These surfaces may be returned to service the very next day.

Specialized SPARTACOTE coatings offer grow room floor owners and managers the very best in cutting edge, high performance concrete coating technology, including:

  • Fast return to service
  • Customizable colors and textures
  • Easy to clean, seamless surfaces
  • Safe, nonslip performance
  • Silver ion antimicrobial technology to mitigate microbial growth
  • 3 year decorative surface warranty

With our local presence, LATICRETE is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer to offer expert technical assistance and recommendations. SPARTACOTE resinous flooring coatings pros are conveniently located throughout the U.S. to serve as your guide for your grow room flooring project.

For any questions related to this application or to discuss your upcoming project, please contact us today to speak with an expert in your area.