Attack #1: Abrasion

Abrasion: The constant scraping of your floor's surface is, perhaps, the most incessant of the challenges you need to protect against. Day after day, the uppermost surface, the near surface wear zone of your floor, is being beaten and worn away, almost invisibly—until it's too late. Once the wear surface is gone, all that's left is loosely bound aggregate and cement paste.

Now, vulnerable to impact and contaminates, the unprotected floor surface faces rapid surface deterioration, costly and time consuming replacement, and the very real risk of having to halt operations.

FACT: L&M™ EMERYTOP 400 Protects Against Abrasion

In this first test, L&M™ EMERYTOP 400™ is compared to a competitive, unreinforced emery aggregate topping and to a popular, industry standard iron topping. They were tested to determine relative abrasion resistance in accordance with the familiar ASTM C 944 test, utilizing rotating cutter wheels to simulate rapid abrasion. Under identical laboratory conditions, EMERYTOP 400 proved to be nearly twice as resistant to abrasion as the other leading brands:

Nothing Easier. Nothing Tougher.
Everything about EMERYTOP 400  is Tough – Except Installation

Protecting a concrete floor that is subject to daily abuse used to be a long, tedious, and expensive proposition. What's worse, most concrete floor toppings and floor coverings won't last long under heavy contamination, abrasion or impact.

That was then. But this is now—so you can have the best protection available for your concrete floor with less cost, reduced downtime, and longer, better performance. Compared to other options, the installation of EMERYTOP 400 is quick and easy. But the protection it offers is long-term and tough.

Look at the independent test data. Then call us for real-world case studies. We'll show you precisely how your floor can hold up for years under any abuse you want to throw at it.

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