Changes for Our Distributors

With this new system and significant improvement in efficiencies, the following changes to our typical distribution operation must be implemented:

  1. Modifications to orders placed will be limited due to improved order entry lead-time and the automated process for scheduling of deliveries. The ability to make changes is dependent on the process status of the order at the time of request, and beyond a certain point will not be possible.

  2. With tremendous load and route optimization capabilities, maximization of combined shipments with orders from more than one customer will be scheduled on logical freight lanes.

  3. Orders received over full truckload limit (> 40,000 lbs.) will be split as appropriate and may be shipped in a manner to be combined and maximized by capacity and route without sacrifice to order lead-time.

What To Do Next

We need your help with providing important information as it relates to your business. 

Update our records regarding your shipping hours, contacts, requirements and preferences to improve our shipment accuracy, optimize our carrier selection and manage freight costs.

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