AIA/CES Training

AIA/CES Continuing Education Seminars

LATICRETE International Inc. is an International Passport Provider of AIA/CES programs. Our registered programs enable the design professional to keep current with technological developments and technical issues related to ceramic tile, stone finishes, concrete chemical technology, industry standards and floor coatings. The information provided creates a deeper level of understanding which serves to increase clarity of specifications, to prevent costly problems and disputes, and to assure durable and low- maintenance installations.

Seminar Topics

  • Content based on current industry standards and challenges encountered in construction today
  • An understanding of the many choices in uses, substrates and finishes — and how these choices affect installation systems requirements
  • Information about how to avoid the most common and costly installation problems
  • A preview of unique specification tools designed to streamline the specification process

AIA/CES Programs and Descriptions

The following is a complete list of programs that are registered and approved for presentations by AIA for our provider passport:

  • AIA-01 - Water as Design Medium
  • AIA-02 - Ceramic Tile and Stone Troubleshooting
  • AIA-03 - Tile and Stone Installation Materials and Methods
  • AIA-04 - Direct Adhered Facade Systems
  • AIA-05 - Designing Installations Using Marble and Granite
  • AIA-06 - Designing Installations Using Composite Stone
  • AIA-07 - Sustainability in Tile and Stone Installations
  • AIA-08 – Grout for Tile and Stone
  • AIA-09 - Surface Preparation
  • AIA-10 - Tile and Stone and the Fight Against Mold
  • AIA-11 - Sustaining Green – What Are the Trends?
  • AIA-12 – Restoring a concrete slab to baseline – Leveling and Resurfacing
  • AIA-13 – Designing Installation Systems and Reduce Thickness Porcelain Tiles
  • AIA-14 - Polished Concrete Design for LEED and CHPS Projects
  • AIA-15 - Concrete Basics
  • AIA-16 - Concrete Problems and Solutions
  • AIA-17 - Misconception about Chemical Hardeners
  • AIA-18 - Stone Installation Solutions and Options
  • AIA-19 - TCNA Handbook Updates for Architects
  • AIA-20 – Enhanced Performance Installation Systems for Thin Adhered Masonry Veneer
  • AIA-21 – Adhered Masonry Veneer Performance Installation Systems
  • AIA-22 – Innovative Decorative Toppings
  • AIA-23 – Finishing Concrete With Self Leveling Cement
  • AIA-24 – Airtight building – Sustainable design for energy efficiency
  • AIA-25 - Barrier Free Shower Design and Techniques
  • AIA-26 - Specifying Polyaspartic Flooring Coatings for Sustainability

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