World-Class Projects Made Possible by LATICRETE
View spotlights on some of the most well-known projects using LATICRETE® concrete construction products to help you get inspired! Click on the links below to see the project details. 
FGS/PermaShine and StoneCare of Texas transform 14 year old Alamodome floor from “drabby” to bright and cheery.
Arizona State University's new West Campus project required a lot of renovation and demolition... and deep, poured-in-place foundation walls.
The challenge: Install hundreds of highly-specialized aviation taxiway lights to the newly-remodeled Dallas Forth Worth Airport working under strict FAA guidelines.
The Cardel Recreational Center is an activity center featuring just about every wet or dry sport one to fit under one roof. It is also the first City of Calgary LEED Gold Accredited building.
Learn how Kokolakis Contracting teamed up with Cornerstone Construction Services (CCS) and LATICRETE to extend the life cycle of the tipping-floors and save the City of Clearwater costs associated with downtime, rerouting trucks, demolition and repairs.
See why the Costco Warehouse in Kennewick, WA received the prestigious Outstanding Example of Excellence in Concrete Construction award by the Washington Aggregate and Concrete Association.
LATICRETE® L&M® EPOGROUT 758™ supports huge arches in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium (the largest stadium in the NFL). 
Goodwill Industries Facilities Director Doug Nass was looking for a cost effective way to rehab the 40-year-old, epoxy-coated industrial floors in the Goodwill Industries of Southeast Wisconsin building. He had heard about the FGS PermaShine polished concrete floor system from a friend...
Greenhouse Mall wanted the "outdoor look" of concrete, only much nicer. Rick Blasius: "Nothing to me looks as nice and is as low maintenance as our FGS floor."
LATICRETE was proud to take part in the new Lincoln Financial Field $520 million stadium construction project, which brought a unique slate of obstacles with it.
Rick Wright knew he wanted something different and excitingly unique from anything else in the industry. After consulting with the Market of Choice design and marketing team, and FGS/PermaShine installer Brown Contracting, Wright found out just how different he could be!
Mark Peitzmeier, Peter Kiewit and Sons: "It had some of the toughest concrete forming jobs I've ever had. It probably has five times the amount of concrete found in a typical building."
From a cast-in-place concrete standpoint, Pietrini placed 47,000 cubic yards of concrete on the project. Add up the slab-on-grade and the elevated decks and other miscellaneous pours and you'll come up with nearly 1,000,000 sq. ft. of concrete floors...
Objective: To repair six, separate deteriorated 2nd floor portions of The City of Phoenix' 27th Ave. Solid Waste Transfer Station.
Objective: To treat the elevated parking decks and exterior walkways with a premium water repellent.
Learn why the St. Cloud Waste Transfer Station management hired experienced waste transfer and heavy-duty industrial contractor, Cornerstone Construction Services, Inc. (CCS) to provide a new L&M™ EMERYTOP 400™ floor in Supersacks to save time. 
Tipping floors found in waste transfer stations and MRF’s undergo attacks that are extreme and unique to the solid waste industry. In fact, there isn’t a more abused floor than one found in this industry. The attacks come in three forms: abrasion, impact and chemical.
Value Center Market is just one of the ever-growing list of retail food stores around the country deciding to replace the traditional high-maintenance vinyl tile floors with the new FGS PermaShine Polished Concrete Floor System.
Profile of the FSG PermaShine system: The Tulsa-based crew from Concrete Visions, Inc. was using a high tech diamond grinder and turning the well-worn Victory Camp mess hall concrete floor into a beautiful glossy surface.
Gus Cerku: "LATICRETE DURAGROUT™ worked perfectly. This was one of the most challenging grout placements we've done, but where there's a will, there's a way."
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