The Floor that Speaks for Itself!

Rick Wright has nine Market Of Choice full-service food stores throughout Oregon. When planning his newest store in Eugene, Wright knew he wanted something entirely different and excitingly unique from anything else in the industry. After consulting with the Market of Choice design and marketing team, and FGS/PermaShine installer Brown Contracting, Wright found out just how different he could be!

Brown provided Market of Choice with numerous finished FGS/PermaShine diamond ground and polished samples with integral stains. Unique to this finish was the integration and polishing of crushed marble from the Canadian Rockies and assorted color glass chips which highlight the natural river gravel aggregate from the nearby Williamette River Valley.

Voila! They hit on something big! This FGS/ PermaShine floor truly was unique. The three-dimensional look Brown was able to achieve was simply "magic". It looked phenomenal. Rick Wright and his design team were impressed!

Today, Wright receives positive comments about his FGS/PermaShine floor almost every day. The provocative store design was created to highlight lifestyle-connected areas that leave customers with a "feel good" experience and a compelling need to immerse themselves in all that Market Of Choice has to offer. It is this "WOW" feeling that brings customers back, week after week wanting more. "The crushed marble and glass chips pick up the light and add to the drama," says FGS certified installer, Don Brown.

Wright's design team included Advertising Manager Lyn Ryse and Marketing Manager "Midge". In a recent letter to Don Brown, Lyn commented, "I personally want to thank you for creating such an interesting and unique floor! During the design and sampling process, you gave us so many possibilities for color. We were all so proud of our new floor that we joked about putting signs in the store to tell people to look down at the floor. But since the store has been open we have heard many positive comments on how beautiful it is. The floor speaks for itself!"

Project Specifications:

Project: Market of Choice

Location: Eugene, OR

Nature of business: Retail Food Store

Floor Responsibility: Rick Wright, Owner

Approx. sq. ft.: 30,000 of 44,000 total building

FGS Installer: Brown Contracting, Inc.

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