A few years ago, after General Contractor, Dunn/Intech, closed bids for the new USPS processing and distribution center in Philadelphia, they awarded the concrete work to B. Pietrini & Sons and the LATICRETE® L&M® family of products to improve and enhance their concrete floor system. Weighed heavily was the fact that B. Pietrini had over 56 years of a proven track record of concrete construction excellence. Match that with the over 60-year record of formulating and manufacturing tried-and-proven concrete construction products by LATICRETE and you have a winner!

From a cast-in-place concrete standpoint, Pietrini placed 47,000 cubic yards of concrete on the project. Add up the slab-on-grade and the elevated decks and other miscellaneous pours and you'll come up with nearly 1,000,000 sq. ft. of concrete floors...A formidable task for any contractor! These heavily reinforced floors were placed and then received an application of QUARTZPLATE FF™, mineral aggregate shake on hardener, and then cured with DRESS & SEAL 30™.

Delivering a high quality finish on the concrete floor was very important. "Working with the professionals at L&M was a pleasure..." said B. Pietrini & Sons president, Fran Pietrini."They attended pre-pour conferences to help resolve some of the issues at hand. They also worked along with our people on the site to produce a high quality floor that should live up to the expectations of the Owner."

Francis A. Pietrini is a leader in the concrete construction business and is active in the labor and building industry. Fran joined his father's business, B. Pietrini & Sons, in 1960, and became President in 1972. He and his brother, Butch, have been partners for the past 35 years. Fran's son, Marc, also now works in the company.

Project Specifications:

Building/Project name: United States Postal Service Processing & Distribution Center, Philadelphia, PA

Building Owner: United States Postal Service

Complete: 2006

Built Within Total Acres of Land: 50 Acres

Total Concrete Construction sq. ft: 1,000,000

Total Cubic Yds. Of Structural Concrete Used: 47,000 cubic yards

Total Slab-on-grade and Elevated Floors: 800,000 sq. ft.

Balance of Concrete Floors: 200,000 sq. ft. Administrative and Misc.

Total Tons of Reinforcing Steel: 2,800 tons

Lead Architect/Engineer: Kling Lindquist, Philadelphia, PA

General Contractor: Dunn / Intech A Joint Venture

Construction Manager: Jacobs Gilbane

Concrete Contractor: B. Pietrini & Sons

Concrete Project Manager: Nicole Elliott

Concrete Project Superintendent: Bob Clements

LATICRETE Products Used: QUARTZPLATE FF™, DRESS & SEAL 30™ for floors

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