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Jamestown, ND, Baler Facility

Installation follow-up interview by: Jim Vicek

EMERYTOP 400 Installation Follow-Up with Building Foreman

The Jamestown Baler Facility is the city waste treatment facility in Jamestown, ND. The facility processes garbage, recyclables and waste from the area surrounding Jamestown. An internal-to-slab, channeled, chain-drive bucket conveyor system transfers waste materials from an unloading area to a staging area within the facility for separation and processing.

At this staging area, the original concrete floor was topped with an asphalt overlay. The original base slab was laid back in 1998. Constant bucket drops from a large, steel bladed Caterpillar 958 tractor and a 821 Case loader with a rubber squeegee blade bucket had damaged and forced a caustic mix of chemicals from the garbage seeping down into the original concrete floor topping. This caused severe chemical deterioration and substrate damage. The asphalt topping lasted only 7 years, well below the life expectancy of the local bond issue spent by the city to fund the facility.

Facility Foreman, Roger Mayhew, and crew knew they had a problem and needed a better solution for the new repair. He consulted with Wade Segler, Engineer from Interstate Engineering, to help him find a better solution. Wade contacted Bill Butler, local sales manager of LATICRETE International Inc., to learn more about industry-recommended EMERYTOP 400. Bill explained that EMERYTOP 400 was specially formulated with an extremely high impact, cement-based product mixed with emery—one of the hardest minerals in existence. He told Roger that this product was specifically designed for the waste industry and that it would work for Mayhew.

One year after the installation, Mayhew had this to say about the new floor: "We're very happy with our new EMERYTOP 400 floor. The city of Jamestown and I have already decided to use this system on another processing area. We are convinced that this is the right way to go! Tell the people at LATICRETE to call me anytime and I'll tell them how happy we are with this floor. I can back this up with some testing we did from the old floor to the new EMERYTOP 400 floor.

"We can see the dramatic, side-by-side results from the old floor to the new floor. EMERYTOP 400 really made a big difference. In slightly over a year, there is no noticeable wear on the new floor. I can't believe how well it holds up with all the abuse from our machines and equipment. My most impressive moment with the floor recently was the day that a piece of railroad iron track that someone had made into an anvil got caught under the loader bucket and as it pushed the pile of garbage it only left a minor scratch in the EMERYTOP 400. Say, 'Thanks' to whoever invented this stuff. It's what we really needed. I'm a believer. Tell any other company or floor owner to call me and I'll tell them how much I like this product." 

Specifications – Credits

Date of Installation: October 2011
Location of Floor: Jamestown, ND
Floor Owner-Entity: Jamestown Waste Management Facility
Specifying Engineer: Wade Segler, Interstate Engineering, Jamestown, ND
EmeryTop 400 Installer: Brain Meyer, LATICRETE International Inc., Certified Installer, Meyer Construction
Sq. Footage: 2,400
LATICRETE Sales Manager: Bill Butler
Facility Foreman: Roger Mayhew
Type of Base Concrete Slab: Installed over New Concrete (replacing old service area)
Age of Facility: Originally Built in 1998
Last Floor Topping New EMERYTOP 400: 7 years ago (Asphalt Topping Overlay)
Amount of EMERYTOP 400 Product Used: 42,000 lbs (14 Super Sacks)
Waste Tons per Day Volume: 65 – 80 Tons per day

Valusia County, Deland, FL Waste Station

Installation follow-up interview by: Jim Vicek

EMERYTOP 400 Installation Follow-up with Volusia County Engineer

The Volusia County Waste Treatment Facility in Deland, FL, serves the county's waste processing needs of the surrounding area. The 7-year-old facility originally installed a silica fume topping over a 5,000 lb. psi concrete slab to serve as its high-use waste treatment processing area. The original silica fume topping was subjected to chemical attack, impact abrasion, and delamination, and lasted only a few years.

Volusia County Engineer, Gary Morton, did extensive research to find a more effective and longer lasting floor topping material for the facility. Gary heard about EMERYTOP 400 product from his industry literature.

Gary contacted the local L&M manufacture's rep, Alejandro Luna, to discuss his project. Luna introduced him to a LATICRETE certified EMERYTOP 400 installer, Jason Gonder, from Cornerstone Construction Services. Cornerstone contracted with the county and installed the first of a 5-year, 5- phase (3,700 sq. ft. per phase), project plan to upgrade the entire floor topping in the heavy equipment processing area.

Morton commented on the first install, "We are very pleased with this first phase of the project. The first phase was completed in December 2011 and we've seen very minimal wear since. We did a few visual damage tests because the old floor and the new floor were side-by-side in many areas. All tests passed our scrutiny with flying colors."

"We look forward to finishing this 5-year project with Cornerstone. EMERYTOP 400 is a very tough floor!"

Specifications – Credits

Date of Installation: December 2011
Name & Location of Floor: Volusia County Waste Station, Deland, FL
Floor Owner-Entity: Volusia County, FL
Total Sq. Footage Planned: 12,000 sqft planned over the next 5 years
Total Sq. Footage Completed: 3,700 Phase 1 (Phase 2 & 3 to follow)
Installing Contractor: Jason Gonder, Cornerstone Construction Services
LATICRETE Sales Manager: Alejandro Luna, FL
Type of Base Slab: 7 year old with Silca Fume Topping
Amount of EMERYTOP 400 Product Used: 104,000 lbs.
Waste Tons per Day Volume: 400 to 500 tons per day

Bighorn Maintenance Facility

Installation follow-up interview by: Jim Vicek

EMERTYTOP 400 Installation Follow-up with Bighorn Maintenance Facility

The newly completed Bighorn Maintenance Facility located in Twentynine Palms, CA, is a Navy- Marine Reserve training complex specializing in the training and the maintenance of heavy military tanks. These 40-to-60 ton machines would do serious damage to an unprotected concrete floor in short order. The tanks are equipped with rubber-capped or solid steel treads that roll over the EMERYTOP 400 topped concrete floors on a regular basis.

When the Navy Regional SW Design team was designing this facility, they took special care to specify an extra-strong concrete floor topping material, a product they knew would hold up to this kind of extreme abuse. They chose EMERYTOP 400.

Drew Olwell, LATICRETE Certified EMERYTOP 400 installer, commented on the installation, "Everything turned out very well with the installation. The day we did the installation, it was over 100-degrees in a desert climate. We had to add cold water to the mix to slow down the set time and also used L&M™ E-CON™, the company's evaporation retardant, to extend the finish time."

"We did the installation over a new, raked-finish concrete slab using a Ready-Mix truck and a small construction crane emptying the super sacks into the hopper with cold water. Our crews still had to work fast due to the heat."

"Everyone at The Navy design team was very pleased with the installation. The job turned out great. The floor is completed and the facility is planning a December 2012 or January 2013 grand opening. The Navy, Halbert, and everyone involved are very excited to be a part of this job."

Specifications – Credits

Date of Installation: Fall 2012
Overall Building Completion: January 2013
Name & Location of Floor: Bighorn Maintenance Facility, Twentynine Palms, CA
Floor Owner-Entity: US Navy-UNMC Department of Defense
Purpose of Floor: Heavy Military Tank Maintenance Facility, US Navy-Marines
Total Sq. Footage Planned: 5,000
Total Sq. Footage Completed: 5,000
General Contractor: Halbert Construction Company, Inc.
Installing Contractor: Drew Olwell, Bighorn Construction Company, Vista, CA
Project Engineer: US Navy Regional SW Design Team
Project Director: Dave Brenner, Halbert Construction Company
Project Quality Control: Bob Logan, Halbert Construction Company
LATICRETE Sales Manager: Dave McClellan
Type of Slab: New Concrete
Amount of EMERYTOP 400: 63,000 lbs. (Delivered in 21 Super Sacks)

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