High psi Baseplates: EPOGROUT 758™

Frank Bianchi also commented about the grouting requirements of the project. "Due to the narrow width and high dynamic loads down in the newsprint inventory room, the specifying engineers wanted to make sure these newsprint-handling rail systems wouldn't pound and shake these railbeds to death. They wanted this system to stay level and secure decades from now. That's why they specified EPOGROUT 758™." Frank continued by saying, "The forming process is almost as important as placing the grout itself. It helped that some of these guys also attended one of the seminars by LATICRETE® where they learned the finer points of working with this product."

Publisher Turns Fish Story into Reality

The Omaha World-Herald Freedom Center was conceptualized in 1998 by publisher John Gottschalk, while trout fishing with friend Ken Stinson, chairman of Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc., an international construction company, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Are newspapers doomed? Not this one!

While many newspapers nationwide are experiencing declining ad revenues, increasing costs for newsprint and other raw materials, consolidations or buyouts, cutting jobs or operating with reduced profits, the Omaha World-Herald consistently ranks among the top daily newspapers in the US. Out of the top 100 US daily newspapers, The Omaha World-Herald has been in the top 10 in terms of penetration numbers, that is, circulation divided by households.

Gottschalk's optimism remains steady and true in contrast to many information doom-and-gloomers predicting the end of the newspaper industry. The fact is The World-Herald has continued to enjoy steady growth, in terms of circulation, readership, ad revenues and prosperity. An employee-owned company, the Omaha World-Herald is operated and managed by its shareholders who have a strong sense of ownership and have been on the job for decades.

The challenge: More than just concrete, steel and glass

"Going through 3 seasons, battling the wind, rain and extreme temperatures, and, on some days, dealing with 70 concrete trucks waiting back-to-back to pour and pump 700 cubic yards of concrete in one morning can be labeled in my book at least, as worrisome and nerve-racking." Said Phil McKeone, president of Daedalus Construction. "Because of the tightened schedules, my crews worked side-by-side with the Ready-Mix guys. With a crew of almost 50 men, 2 big pumpers and with all the slabs outdoors, my crew had to work fast and accurately. Later, we had to properly install the EMERYPLATE FF™ with little to no bleed water...that was a real challenge. We use E-CON™ on almost all of our jobs, but on this one project in particular it saved our work more than once." Phil added, "Along with most of the concrete construction work in the building, my crews were responsible for the basement slab on grade floor and the other three floors above. The press table floor was a real challenge. It required a special mix design and couldn't deviate more than 1/16-inch off level throughout the entire 300-foot length."

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