Bare Concrete Surfaces

Q: What's the best way to maintain our new FGS/PermaShine polished concrete floor? I am interested in making the bare concrete surface last as long as possible and continue to look good over time.

A: The simple process of frequent washing an FGS/PermaShine floor is the easiest and lowest cost way to keep a glossy, high traction floor.

Concrete floors have been the preferred choice of designers and knowledgeable owners for at least the past eight decades. Over time, many of these concrete floors suffer from abrasion and wear. Symptoms of abrasion and wear are dusty and rough surfaces. Designers and owners now have a solution to the abrasion and wear issue. Dry polished concrete, namely FGS/PermaShine, has solved the problem of floor abuse from abrasion and wear.

Fine wine improves over time. So does your favorite distilled spirit, seeped in charred oak barrels and stored in dark warehouses. FGS/PermaShine concrete floors also improve over time. The good news is that concrete floors don't need to be put away for years to improve. First of all, they need proper chemical hardening and treatment with our FGS HARDENER PLUS™ to develop superior floor surface durability. Then, their long-term improvement rests on the shoulders of a consistent, comprehensive, yet simple, floor maintenance program.

The FGS/PermaShine patented polishing process adds beauty and proven durability to concrete floors. The gloss of an FGS/PermaShine floor is controllable, predictable, and affordable. But, like anything-even a Sherman tank-it can be abused and needlessly ignored, reducing its superior shine and wear characteristics.

The most important step towards a long lasting, beautiful polished FGS/PermaShine concrete floor is to follow a regular washing schedule using a mechanical scrubber with a simple, low-cost solution of FGS CONCRETE CONDITIONER™ added to the scrub water.

Add FGS CONCRETE CONDITIONER™ to clean wash water at the rate of two ounces of per gallon. Equipment can range from a ride-on auto scrubber to a simple string mop and wet vacuum. It is a specially formulated degreaser and hard floor surface conditioner that has been designed to effectively clean bare, polished concrete floors.Concrete surfaces cleaned with FGS CONCRETE CONDITIONER™ are certified "High Traction" rating granted to FGS/PermaShine floors by the National Floor Safety Institute. Continued, regular use are needed to maintain certification.

Here's the winning combination concrete floor owners and users have been seeking:

  1. The FGS/PermaShine Polished Concrete Floor system
  2. FGS HARDENER PLUS™ hardener/densifier for bare concrete floors
  3. FGS CONCRETE CONDITIONER™ for ongoing, low cost maintenance.

Contact your local, trained FGS/PermaShine installer or your LATICRETE® regional technical representative. Either can supply you with testimonies and contacts already benefitting from FGS/PermaShine floors and help you maximize the ongoing benefits of your own FGS/PermaShine polished concrete floor.

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