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DURAGROUT HF is a non-shrink, non-ferrous, excellent flowability, high-strength structural grout which can be adjust to 3 different flowability, allows ease of placement.


Product Overview

DURAGROUT HF is a non-shrink, non-ferrous, excellent flowability, high-strength structural grout which can be adjust to 3 different flowability allows ease of placement. DURAGROUT HF contains premixed blend of graded siliceous aggregates, polymer cementitious binder, flow improving and a shrinkage compensating additives which produces a volume balance structural grout.

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Features & Benefits

  • Extended work time.
  • Easy placement
  • High strength
  • Can be mixed at a varying range of consistencies
  • Dynamic load stability

Product Specifications


Product # Duragrout HF
Patent #(s)
Available Colors
Part of System LATICRETE
Country Availability Singapore
Suitable Substrates
Packaging Summary

25 kg bag

Available Warranties

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